• How does News section Work?

  • News

    • How do I get to the details of the news?

      AP ONline team working on the other news agencies to interface with their news portal, currently we have the overview display only. Once you click the details (Read more), it will take you to the corresdponding News portal.

    • How does News section Work?

      KL online team brings you to the most up to date news from different parts of the country in different languages, please select the language from the top menu on the news section/page.

    • Why the other languages section is not working or not available now?

      KL online team is working on the other languages section, will be available in near future, please check back in few months.


    • What are Events and why do I host them?

      AP Online brings you a unique feature to host small to medium events (Birthday, Marriage Anniversary, get together, product Launch etc) online to reach your audience / guests. This will save your cost and host will be able to slice and dice data of guest

    • How a Guest can sign up for an event or what is RSVP?

      RSVP is a process of letting HOST know that how many guest are coming to an event or if they are not coming. Once the HOST setup an Event online with us, there will be Event security code, Host should provide that code to the guest for doing RSVP.

    • Why my Event is not available online yet?

      Our Admin team will review its contents and either they approve your listing or they will reach out to you, if they have any questions and concerns.

    • How APonline can help Event Planning or Event Organizers or Event suppliers?

      Now, you can list your business with us on APonline.in to get more and more visibility at a single click. APonline will provide the details about your event and have a special interface that will facilitate your guest for all the comforts that they need. whether they need rental car or hotel pickup and drop off or airport pick up or drop off etc.

    Price Quotes

    • How often the prices are updated?

      AP Online team take great pride to keeping the commodity prices to most current, Our team collects the information and regularly updates the pricing on a daily or twice daily basis. Some the prices / Rates gets updated thru API (Application Programming Interface) as well.

    • How often the prices are updates in commodity section?

      AP online team takes pride in designing a unique interface to help AP residents to know the prices of daily commodities, we are still setting up the team and exclusive partners for updating the daily prices for all the commodities.

    • How many categories in price quotes?

      They are 6 categories.


    • What is residential service module and from when the residential services module will be available?

      Residential Service module will allow users to carry out day today tasks like ordering your gas cylinder or paying your phone bill or paying electric bill etc. As a AP resident will have more options to get or request everything that you need in your day today life.

    • How can i book appointment for the Doctor?

      AP online team is working very hard to bring this feature, it will be available in near future, but until then you have an option to contact the required doctor or lawyer or tax practioner by using online form. Please review that section for more information.

    Real Estate

    • From when the Real Estate Section will be available?

      AP online team constantly modifying and changing the interfaces and its contents for best user experience and keep its user contents safe. Most of the features in Real Estate section is available within a month or so, but will be adding more and more new features soon.

    • How do I post my house / Apartment for sale or Rent?

      You can POST your listing by selecting the Real Estate category and Sale or Rent as sub category, once posted AP online team will verify your posting and approve it. Please be sure to select whether you are posting as "dealer/Broker" or Owner etc. AP online team will verify and ask for further details to approve your listing.

    • How can I sell my property ?

      Whether you are a real estate broker or owner, now you have options to sell or rent your house on APonline.in. We are growing rapidly and reaching every corner of the state.

    • How would I post a property for sale or rent?

      First you have to be registered user in ordered to post a property for SALE or Rent, once you login, on top right corner, click on "Add Post", then select the correct options under Real Estate section.


    • Can I change the plan (upgrade / downgrade) at any time?

      Yes. On renewal, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan as per your convenience, if you do plan changes, any balance due will not be refunded for the remaining unused part of the period. so, please change the plans at the end or near plan expiry date.

    • What is basic plan?

      Basic Plan is a FREE plan that allow you to POST three listings for FREE for 30 days ONLY, and then your account will be blocked and your account will not have an option to post FREE listing any more. If you want to either renew these listing or add new listing, you should change your plan to paid listing.


    • Do I need to provide the design of the advertisement based on specific size mentioned in Advertisement chart?

      You have both provisions, you can directly upload your advertisement design if it is available. For our users convenience, Our design team can help you to design your ad. at a nominal cost.

    • Do i have an option to place my Advertisement on a selected page or section?

      Definitely, we would give priority based on what you requested, but if there is no SPACE available in the required page, then TN online team will place your advertisement in the section which is available.


    • Define Restaurant

      AP Online show near by restaurants in your locality. It have tasty categories like Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Pizza and Fried Chicken, Bakery and Confectionery, Ice cream and snacks, Chaat. You can book the table for your favourite restaurants.

    • Is your service charge included?

      We do not include service charge as we believe you’d prefer to thank our team personally.

    • How will I receive my online orders?

      You can receive new orders any number of ways: You can receive a phone call (it’s an automated phone call), an email or fax, or any combination of these. Or, if you have a receipt printer, orders can be sent directly to that.