Online Agreement and Privacy Policy

This website,, (hereinafter referred to as "APonline") is owned, hosted and operated by Info Onclick LLC. These terms and conditions regulating use of these Services constitute a legally binding agreement between APonline and the User (the �Agreement�).

Anyone using our website is referred as a "User" and anyone listing their products and services on our website are referred as "Client" or "Vendor", By registering and using our website, you are agreeing and accepting to our terms and conditions below.

All rights reserved to and to its Parent company info Onclick LLC.

The terms 'User' or 'End User" and 'Customer' or "Client" or "Vendor" would include both the Subscriber/Advertiser(s) and Browser/Visitor(s)

The terms 'Service' or 'Services' would mean to include the interactive online information Service offered by on the internet through which the user may access information carried by APonline the database maintained by it. The terms would include to mean the search tools through which the User can search through the hosted databases and information using a number of search tools that are present with a selection matching their search criteria. Users then select one or more of the items presented to view the full document/ record. The term Service does not extend to acting as an agent either express or implied on behalf of any User/Customer and is merely acting as a medium of information exchange.

APonline is engaged in the business of providing information on one click services. The Client has represented to APonline that it has the necessary legal, technical, and business setup to procure the travel related services from APonline as defined in this Agreement. APonline and the Client desire to enter into this Agreement to bind themselves with their mutual obligations as prescribed here under, and this Agreement supersedes all prior understanding of the Parties with respect to their dealings with each other on the scope of services. APonline and the Client are defined in Annexure A to this Agreement. Both APonline & the Client are individually referred to as "Party" and collectively as "Parties".


1.1 APonline will enable the Client to access its dedicated corporate website and/or mobile application ("Platform") as per the terms provided in this Agreement.

1.2 APonline at its sole discretion will make available its services including but not limited to News/Events/Real estate/Travel tickets/ Concert tickets/online reservation for movies and restaurants, any other services on the Platform ("Services"). The Client shall not have any rights to insist specific performance by APonline. The Services will be subject to such restrictions as APonline may specify from time to time. APonline would be rendering services as a facilitator arranging services between primary service provider/chain/aggregator and its Clients/users. Accordingly, the primary service providers/chain/aggregator only would be responsible for provision of primary services of their businesses services etc. to any User (defined hereunder).

1.3 The Clients may request APonline for making available third party services (i.e. any services other than the Services offered by TN Online) on the Platform and managing the bookings of such third party services on behalf of the Client.

1.4 Bookings of the tickets and Services will be purely at the choice of the Users and as per the user agreement at the APonline website.

1.5 The Services are solely for the internal use of the Client. The Client will not be authorized to redistribute the Services or derive any commercial benefit from the Services in any manner whatsoever.

1.6 The cancellation of reservation of any Service(s) under this Agreement shall be as per the cancellation policy applicable for that specific Service. The cancellation policy for all types of Services will either be displayed on the Platform or communicated by APonline  to the Client from time to time.


2.1 APonline will at its sole discretion provide the information about the availability, rates and other details of the Services made available on the Platform, nothing is guaranteed until it is accepted by service providers.

2.2 The list of all officers and employees to whom the Client wishes to grant access of Platform (Users) will be shared with APonline in writing. The term Users shall include Admin-user profiles i.e. profiles created by the Client to manage reservation/cancellation/modification of Services on behalf of one or more employee or officer of the Client. The Client will be liable for ensuring that all provisions of this Agreement including but not limited to the obligations of the Client will be complied as is by all the Users. The Client further represents that it has provided the necessary authorization to each User for accessing the Platform and to act for and on behalf of the Client for making the reservation/cancellation/modification of any Service under this Agreement.

2.3 The Client shall be solely responsible for ensuring that only authorized Users access and make necessary changes and/or making any other modification on the Platform.


3.1 The Client may provide a rolling deposit, request for activation of an option for corporate payment via internet banking/credit card/debit card or utilize credit extended by APonline (against bank guarantee) on such terms as may be communicated by APonline and agreed by the Client in writing.

3.2 APonline may choose to levy a convenience fee on the Services offered pursuant to this Agreement for listing your businesses on


4.1 All rights pertaining to trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, symbols, proprietary marks and any other intellectual property rights in respect of the Platform shall exclusively vest with APonline and its Management and its Parent Company. This Agreement does not create any licenses from APonline to the Client.

4.2 The Client shall not acquire any right whatsoever, in the intellectual property rights of APonline (detailed above) on account of the limited permitted use of the Platform as per this Agreement.


5.1 The Client acknowledges that APonline is not responsible for lapse of Services caused by factors which are not directly under their control, including but not limited to flight delays, cancellations by the primary service provider/chain/aggregator and renovation of accommodation.

5.2 APonline disclaims all liability in respect of (1) any third party services or services provided by primary service providers made available on the Platform, any fraud attributable to the Client or User, or (3) any unauthorized use of the Platform on account of the access provided to the Client.



6.1 Each Party agrees to indemnify and hold the other Party, its officers, directors, employ